New Advertising Rules and misc for DRE Compliance…posted by your broker


As has been mentioned previously at our risk management and team meetings-all Keller Williams Realty agents need to be aware that the DRE is now strenuously enforcing recent state law changes to, as well as previously existing laws pertaining to both Team Names and all first contact information. First contact includes but is not limited to:

  • YOUR Business Cards:
  • YOUR print AND Internet advertisements:
  • YOUR Personal websites:
  • YOUR Email signature lines:
  • YOUR Social Media, including Facebook, LinkedIn, etc…
  • YOUR For Sale Signs.
  • YOUR Open House Signs

It is important to let you know that WE were recently contacted by the DRE specifically, about some of our agent’s signs. One of the main issues was Keller Williams Realty (our brokerage identity) was not displayed properly. The law state makes it clear that brokerage’s name shall be displayed as prominently when using team names.

You should be also note, beginning the first of the year signage must include your DRE # on Open House signs that display an agent’s name-same as for sale signs.

Please keep this in mind when re-ordering new signs.

To protect YOU as well as our company please review at ALL your existing first contact information including signage to make sure we all in BRE compliance and if you have question call staff.

For team names information: especially in their-formation please contact Phil Deutscher on our staff as your first step. He will be able to help you. WE DO HAVE A FEW TEAMS THAT MAY BE OUT OF COMPLIANCE WITH DRE-PLEASE CONTACT PHIL, OR HE WILL BE CONTACTING YOU FOR CORRECTION.

Some Team Names-Basic Information

  • Teams require at least 2 licensees
  • D.b.a.’s (“Doing Business As”) must be used when the agent’s surname (last name) is not used in the team name or something else is added along with a surname. For example, the “Beverly Steiner Team” is acceptable. Adding “Fine Homes” to make it “The Beverly Steiner’s Fine Homes Team” is NOT. It now requires d.b.a. because it is now considered a fictitious name. A first name only cannot be used as part of a team name also.
  • Team name must always contain with one of the following terms “team”,” group”, or “associates.” Team names cannot imply a separate entity i.e. The Smith Partners Group.”

First Contact Material Policy-Every associate will be asked to sign confirmation:

It is important to understand that all first contact information used real estate agents must prominently display the broker’s name on all first contact materials as the agent’s name or as properly approved team name. First contact materials include, but are not limited to business cards, internet advertisements, personal websites, email signature lines, and for sale signs. Staff should be contact for input prior to generating the new materials for input.


All signage must be approved and/or any subsequent changes by staff prior to ordering.

Signs must comply with all DRE regulations and Keller Williams policies.

Team Names-use of a name team name must be approved by Keller Williams Realty prior to the use by any agent. Agents will follow guidelines established by Keller Williams Realty in compliance with the state laws and DRE regulations pertaining to the use of team names. For information please contact Phil Deutscher

Equal Opportunity In Housing

Keller Williams Realty strongly believes in equal opportunity for all parties and supports the fair housing laws.

We encourage where possible AND particularly including rental housing the following be language be included: “We are an Equal Opportunity Housing Provider and follow all fair housing laws.”

Regarding leasing: If you are called and asked if your owner will accept pets, remember that service dogs and companion dogs must be acceptable.

Please speak to Phil Deutcher about more questions or specific regulations on these very important issues, or any you have questions on.


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